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8 of the Best Videogame Boss Battles

Ron Whitaker | 6 Mar 2015 15:40
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The penultimate moment of every videogame: The boss battle. This is what you spent all those hours leveling up, gathering gear, or killing enemies to get to. When a final boss fight is done right, it can be something that sticks with you for years. These eight boss battles do exactly that, and they're all picked by our amazing community. Fair warning - if you haven't gotten to these bosses, there may be some spoilers here for you!

Special thanks to Escapist community member Caramel Frappe for starting the thread!

Hades (God of War 3)
First mentioned by: Ihateregistering1

The Lord of the Underworld isn't a trivial encounter, even if you are Kratos. This fight was a long one, requiring you to decipher multiple types of attacks. As you fight Hades and try to pull his armor off, you'll be facing not only his attacks, but the grasping hands of Hades' minons. As the fight progresses, Hades will change tactics, summoning phantom Cerberuses and causing chains to shoot from the ground. Once you finally defeat him, Hades will fall into the River Styx, and you'll be able to retrieve his helmet and then swim through his torn body to escape.

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