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8 Bizarre Video Game Glitches You Need to See

Ron Whitaker | 10 Mar 2015 14:00
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Glitches are a part of every video game, large or small. Sometimes they're annoying, sometimes they're terrifying, and sometimes they're downright hilarious. As long as they're not game breaking, they can actually be some of the most memorable moments in any game, since they're so unexpected. These eight glitches are some of our favorites from games throughout the years.

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Flying Tanks (Grand Theft Auto 3)

Recent editions of Grand Theft Auto have had some glitches, but none have been as fun as the flying tanks of Grand Theft Auto 3. If you drove a tank backwards across an arched bridge and fired the cannon at exactly the right time, the recoil from the blast would literally throw the tank into the air. As long as you kept firing, you could keep the tank airborne almost indefinitely.

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