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8 Supporting Characters that Deserve Their Own Game

Ron Whitaker | 25 Mar 2015 18:30
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Even though you're the hero of almost every game you play, you're usually accompanied by at least one supporting character who's helping you out, or in some cases, actively working against you. Sometimes, the supporting characters actually turn out to be be so interesting that you wonder what it would be like to play as them instead. These eight NPCs fit that bill, so let's get them their own game.

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Victor Sullivan (Uncharted series)

Nathan Drake's mentor is a really interesting character in his own right. He's witty, kind of a hardass, and gets around awfully well for an old guy. Watching him in the three Uncharted games, you find yourself wondering just what his life was like before Drake came along. That's the game I want to play. It would be Uncharted-like, only funnier and less serious. Touching on Sully's life from when he was in the Navy all the way up to his first run-in with Drake, there would be a lot more straddling of the line between good and bad than in the Uncharted games. That would make a Sully spin-off a really good time indeed.

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