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8 Great April Fool's Jokes for 2015

Ron Whitaker | 1 Apr 2015 15:00
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April Fool's Day is simultaneously one of the most fun and the most frustrating holidays of the year. While there are always some good jokes, it can make separating fact from fiction pretty tough for 24 hours, especially if you're trying to cover the news. That said, there are quite a few good jokes floating around the gaming industry and its fringes this year, so we gathered eight of our favorites into this gallery.

Don't see your favorite, or think we missed a great one? Post it in the comments!

PlayStation Flow (Sony)

PlayStation is going beyond VR. They're going to make their controllers immersive in the real world, starting with the new PlayStation Flow. Ostensibly a goofy-looking pair of goggles paired with thighbands and armbands that act as controllers. All you need to do is pause any game you're playing when you get to an underwater section, grab your PS Flow gear, and head to the pool. Activate the goggles, and dive in take control of the character in real-time. It's goofy, but the intro video is super well done.

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