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8 Games with Great Original Lore

Ron Whitaker | 3 Apr 2015 15:35
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Lore is a huge part of making an immersive game. Even if you aren't a lore junkie, you know some of the lore from almost every game universe you've ever played in. But some games take lore to the next level. They not only tell the story, but they make the lore feel like part of the experience. These eight games are some of those. Chosen by members of our community, they exemplify what great videogame lore looks like.

Special thanks to Escapist community member Shaun Kennedy for starting the thread!

Myth: The Fallen Lords
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Real-time tactics might seem like an odd game to have great lore, but the series that began with 1997's Myth: The Fallen Lords pulls it off. It was the first strategy game published by Bungie, and their desire to add story to games was evident. Somehow, Myth managed to be a fantasy game that didn't embrace lots of fantasy tropes. There are no elves, trolls, or dragons here. It was the story of a world under assault by the Fallen Lords, and it was up to the player to save it. WIth thousands of years of back story, it's no wonder players think of this one when talking about lore.

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