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8 Games With Amazing Soundtracks

Ron Whitaker | 17 Apr 2015 15:00
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Music is a vital, if sometimes underappreciated, part of games. That's not only the case in games like Rock Band or Guitar Hero, but in almost any game you play. Sometimes you even find yourself remembering a game by the music that was in it, rather than the gameplay or the characters. When asked which games have soundtracks that fall into that category, our community suggested these eight. You can find the original thread by clicking here.

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Thanks to optimusjamie for starting the thread!

Mega Man X6
First mentioned by: WhiteFangofWar

There are a number of memorable tracks from Mega Man games over the years, but Escapist Community member WhiteFangofWar calls the Mega Man X6 soundtrack, "one of the best in the Blue Bomber's entire legacy." We included the music from the Infinity Mijinion stage above.

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