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8 Awesome Videos Made in GTA 5's Rockstar Editor

Ron Whitaker | 21 Apr 2015 17:15
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When Grand Theft Auto 5 finally landed on PC last week, it came with a new tool: The Rockstar Editor. Designed to let players make their own movies in-game using Director Mode, which lets you move elements around, add pedestrians and animals, and then include text and filters as well. It's a robust tool, and when you combine that with the creativity of gamers, you're bound to get some great results. These eight videos, while mostly shorter clips, are some of the best we've seen in the first week of the tool's existence.

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Don't Ignore the Mime!

Everyone who's walked through a big city has experienced it: Street performers trying to get your attention. Sure, they just want a couple of bucks and maybe a round of applause, but at times, they can certainly be annoying. Most people just ignore them. If this video is any indication, we don't recommend that sort of behavior in Los Santos. This group of bystanders finds out the consequences of ignoring a mime.

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