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8 RPGs that Let You Talk Your Way Through Danger

Ron Whitaker | 24 Apr 2015 15:00
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Most role-playing games let you resolve encounters through combat, but one that lets you work things out through diplomacy is more rare. While you can still resort to combat in all of these games, the ability to talk your way through some (or most) challenges is a most welcome addition indeed. Our awesome community picked these eight games as the best examples of this type of gameplay, so go check them out!

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Thanks to ninja666 for starting the thread!

Baldur's Gate 2
First mentioned by ExDeath730

The sequel to Bioware's first massively successful RPG included a number of examples of dialog trumping combat. At times you could talk enemies into letting you pass, and if you did have to resort to combat, it was much improved over the first game. Furthermore, the voice acting was some of the best in games at the time, bringing more life to conversations throughout the game. Finally, the game included quests that actually penalized you with less XP if you decided to abandon diplomacy for violence. It was a stellar example of this niche area of the RPG genre.

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