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8 of the Hardest Video Games Ever Made

Ron Whitaker | 23 Apr 2015 15:30
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Old-school gamers are often heard to lament the lack of truly hard games these days. With a few exceptions, gaming seems to have become easier and more accepting of failure than it was in its early days. But which games are the hardest of all time? Is it all retro games, or are there some modern titles that make the cut? These eight game have definitely earned their place among the hardest of all time.

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There were plenty of difficult games back in the NES era, but Castlevania was one of the hardest. The thing that made it so great was that it always felt fair, even when it was kicking your ass. It wasn't only the wide array of enemies and the the huge amount of health they would siphon away if they hit you, it was the level design as well. Every jump had to be perfect, and it seemed like there was always an enemy there to smack you if you messed up. Still, it gave you such a feeling of achievement when you finished it, you were willing to forgive its difficulty.

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