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8 Games that You Never Get Bored Playing

Ron Whitaker | 1 May 2015 17:15
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Everyone has a couple of games that they always go back to playing. Whenever the release schedule gets thin, or you just can't decide what you want to play, these are the games you keep booting up. There's no one specific genre or style, they're just great games that you want to keep playing. These eight examples of games like this come directly from our awesome community.

Thanks to Silentpony for starting the thread!

Tony Hawk series
atomic304 is hopelessly addicted to it.

The Tony Hawk series of games has been around since 1999. Each game lets players pull off skateboard tricks while competing against the AI or their friends. The series is also notable because Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 was both the first PS2 title that could be played online, and the last title released for the Nintendo 64. There have been a number of spinoffs, and both the Pro Skater and Underground games were hugely influential on the genre. It is best known for its high skill ceiling and tight controls.

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