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8 of the Greatest Videogame Protagonists

Ron Whitaker | 15 May 2015 17:30
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Videogame protagonists come in many forms. Some are silent, some are powerful, and some never seem to shut up. There's no one model for them, but they're the main characters in the games that we play every day. While some are somewhat forgettable, the greatest characters stick with us for years, and are fondly remembered. These are some of our community's choices for the best videogame protagonists of all time.

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The Boss (Saints Row series)
First mentioned by: EyeReaper

The always nameless star of the Saints Row games may have started out as a nobody who just joined the gang, but he winds up not only running the streets, he's President of the United States. It's hard to pin down just what makes The Boss so likable, as he's both ruthless and violent, but somehow he's still endearing. Maybe it's his devotion to his friends, or the zeal with which he dives into every action. For me, it was that he never felt like he was trying to be a hero; he was just a guy doing what he had to do to help out his friends and piss off his enemies.

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