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8 Defunct Game Studios that We Wish Would Reopen

Ron Whitaker | 18 May 2015 16:30
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The closure of beloved developers is an unfortunate reality in the world of video games. It seems like these closures happen all the time, and they're always sad when they occur. While many developers go on to form other successful companies, we can't help but wax nostalgic for a few of our favorite developers who have gone the way of the dodo. Specifically, we'd really like to have these eight developers back.

Bizarre Creations

Bizarre Creations made games for about 14 years. For many of them, the company was best known for its racing games. Ranging from the ever-popular Project Gotham Racing to one of the more overlooked games in the genre, 2010's Blur. The British studio also produced one of the first smash hit titles on Xbox Live Arcade in Geometry Wars. Also responsible for the 2008 third-person shooter The Club, Bizarre was closed in 2010 after Activision could not find a buyer for the studio.

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