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8 Games that Could End a Friendship

Ron Whitaker | 28 May 2015 17:30
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Co-op games can be some of the best experiences of all. Playing alongside a friend as you fight your way through a puzzle or a challenge is a great feeling. But these eight games don't give you that feeling. These eight games don't only attack your friendships, they can destroy them forever, simply because of how they put you at each other's throats.

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Super Smash Bros.

No matter which game in the series you're playing, Super Smash Bros. can be frustrating. That's only exacerbated when you bring your friends into the mix, as you're getting solid competition for every item that drops, and since the only way to win is to beat the crap out of each other, there will inevitably be some hard feelings. Couple that with SSB's penchant for killing you off through any number of environmental hazards or CPU players, and you can see that when your friends starts bragging about how he beat you down, things can quickly go south.

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