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8 of the Most Controversial Videogames Ever Made

Ron Whitaker | 1 Jun 2015 16:30
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It's no surprise to see videogames embroiled in controversy. After all, many games tackle adult themes and situations, and despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, many people still think of videogames as a pastime for children. Despite a very visible rating system and widespread compliance with the system, people still get up in arms over what they see as "games corrupting our kids." These eight games bore the brunt of attitudes like these, making them some of the most controversial of all time.


The premise behind Carmageddon was simplew: drive your car very fast, and if you get behind, you can gain more time by damaging a competitor's car or running over a bystander. As you can imagine, this generated predictable outrage. Its original release was censored in Germany, replacing the pedestrians with robots or zombies. The UK's BBFC threatened to not classify the game at all unless the blood and gore was removed, but they backed down and certified the original game ten months later. It was banned outright in Brazil.

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