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8 Cards To Always Pick In Hearthstone Arena

Justin Clouse | 10 Jul 2015 18:00
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Not going to lie, I play a lot of Hearthstone. While most games involve a pretty deep investment, it's hard to resist how relaxing it is to kick back with Hearthstone and marathon some Netflix.

More so than grinding the ranked ladder, I really enjoy firing up an Arena run. It's exciting to open and build a powerful deck and satisfyingly challenging to irk out a few more wins when the wheels fall off.

While there are certainly some more exhaustive tiered list out there, here are a few cards I'd recommend you almost never pass up. I'm just sticking to the generic classless commons, since these are the cards you'll see most often. These are in no particular order.

Chillwind Yeti


For a lot of folks realizing how good Chillwind Yeti is in Arena is a bit of a leveling up point. It's easy to overlook this vanilla minion and take some aggressive 3/2 over it, but Chillwind Yeti's cost and stats make it deceptively powerful. It's very hard to trade profitably with Chillwind Yeti early in the game, and it's still a respectable body down the line. Outside of some extreme curve issues, it's almost impossible to have too many Chillwind Yetis in a deck.

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