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8 Video Game Plot Twists that Surprised No One

Ron Whitaker | 14 Jul 2015 16:45
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A good plot twist can make you sit back in your chair in bewilderment, but a poor one can be infuriating. Unfortunately, we're often treated to these cliched attempts at surprising gamers, as pulling off a great plot twist is a rarity. These eight games had some of the most obvious plot twists we've seen in quite some time.

NOTE: We're talking twists here, so there be spoilers ahead!

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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
The Twist: Harry Flynn betrays Drake.

One of the oldest tropes in any form of entertainment is the hero getting betrayed by someone they think is a friend, and Harry Flynn fits that bill perfectly. The whole time that Nate and Harry are breaking into the museum, there's never any doubt of what's coming. In fact, the only surprising thing is that Nate isn't expecting Harry to grab the it like the rest of us were.

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