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8 Games that Would be Awesome in a Different Genre

Ron Whitaker | 11 Aug 2015 15:00
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Have you ever played a game and thought, "This is fun, but how awesome would it be if this was a Shooter instead of a RTS" or something similar? We've all done it. While there are a few games that probably couldn't survive outside their chosen genres, many titles could be adapted to other genres quite easily. These eight games are some great examples of that.

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New Genre: Isometric RPG

Borderlands brought a bit of the RPG genre to shooters, and the combo just worked. Partly it was because the mechanics worked so well, but a lot of it was due to a really solid setting and story. That's what the isometric RPG version would flesh out. You'd have a party of Vault Hunters that you could recruit from any number of possibilities. Each would have stats, specialties, and gear that you could customize, and you'd get to explore the wilds of Pandora and the stories you could find there.

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