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12 Awesome Hearthstone Cards Added in the Grand Tournament Expansion

Ron Whitaker | 19 Aug 2015 15:00
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The Hearthstone: Grand Tournament expansion is launching on Monday, August 24, and will add 132 new cards, new quests, jousting and more to the popular card game. In preparation for the new expansion, we've asked the Hearthstone junkies around our office to share some of their favorite cards that are being added. Check out their favorites, and let us know if you have a personal favorite over in the comments!

Confessor Paletress
Chosen by: Josh Vanderwall

I enjoy playing Priest, even though I'm not particularly skilled with them. Their draw power is incredible, given Northshire Cleric's ability, which draws you a card every time a minion gets healed. Confessor Paletress uses the Inspire mechanic to summon a random Legendary minion, which means that healing a minion with both creatures on the board draws you a card and gets you a Legendary, which seems like a ton of rage-inducing fun.

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