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8 THQ Titles that We Want to See Revived

Ron Whitaker | 25 Aug 2015 16:30
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When THQ went into bankruptcy in December of 2012, a number of great game franchises were auctioned off. Since then, a few of them have made it back to market, like Homeworld: Remastered. But there are a number of great games that are still in limbo, despite having been bought during the IP auction in 2013. These eight IPs haven't seen a new release or remaster yet, but we'd love to see new installments for all of them.


Stuntman was half driving game, half action game. As a stunt driver, you have to perform various stunts on a movie set as ordered by the director. Each movie is patterned after hits of the past, like Dante's Peak and The Dukes of Hazzard. It was a great spin on a typical driving game, and though it had a few issues, it was a blast to play. Nordic Games grabbed the IP in the auction, but they've been quiet on their plans for the franchise.

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