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8 of the Creepiest Videogame Easter Eggs and Urban Legends

Ron Whitaker | 1 Sep 2015 16:15
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Everyone loves to find an Easter Egg in their video game. Maybe it's a beloved character from another franchise or a hidden message from the developers, or maybe it's something a little creepier. The creepy stuff is what we're talking about today. These eight Easter eggs are more than just a little disturbing - some of them are downright disturbing.

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Black & White - The Game Knows Your Name

Lionhead Studios' Black & White casts you as the god ruling over a civilization of islanders. If one of your villagers dies, you'll hear a pretty creepy voice saying, "Death." If you're playing it with headphones on, this will definitely get your attention. But that's the worst of it. When you set up your game profile, Black & White asks for your name. If you have a common name, like John, Bill, etc., be prepared to hear that same voice whispering your name from time to time, and try not to look behind you when it happens.

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