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8 Touching In-Game Memorials

Ron Whitaker | 2 Sep 2015 15:45
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In many cases, games serve as a way to escape the troubles and stresses that life can bring. Games are also where many people turn during hard times for comfort. In some cases, companies have added memorials to their games in honor of players who have passed on, and sometimes modders have done the same. If you're playing any of these games, these eight memorials are worth stopping by to pay your respects.

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Sarah's Jenner (Mechwarrior Online)

In May of 2013, one of the youngest Mechwarrior Online players passed away from brain cancer. Piranha Games decided to honor Sarah, the aforementioned five-year-old. They designed a personalized Jenner mech, and named it "Sarah's Jenner." It was painted with many colors, and featured a rainbow, a teddy bear, and a pink peace symbol. Throughout the summer of 2013, the mech was sold for $10, resulting in Piranha Games raising $122,330, all of which was donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

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