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8 Weird PC Peripherals that Actually Existed

Ron Whitaker | 11 Sep 2015 15:00
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It seems like we're always being shown a new way to control our PCs, whether it's VR, a new controller, or just a keyboard that claims to have found the best way to type. PC peripherals come in all sorts of different designs, and some of them that are trying to innovate or stand out can end looking pretty strange. These eight peripherals are shining examples of that.

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3RD Space Gaming Vest

Video games are mostly escapist exercises - things we do to experience things we can't (or won't) do in real life. That's why the 3RD Space Gaming Vest seems so odd to me. It lets you "Sense the direction and force of bullet fire, explosions, and environmental effects," thanks to the magic of compressed air. You'll feel every impact, just like you were really getting shot! Of course, it only works with games the company has released drivers for, but if you want to really feel your FPS games, this one is for you.

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