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8 Ridiculously Difficult Videogame Achievements

Ron Whitaker | 21 Sep 2015 15:30
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Achievements are a great way to show off what you've accomplished in games, but some games offer up achievements that are so daunting, they're nearly impossible. Maybe they need a perfect run through the game, or an insane amount of dedication and time invested. Whatever makes them so hard, these eight examples demonstrate just how difficult videogame achievements can be.

Nothing Special - Left 4 Dead

If you were achievement hunting while dodging the undead, "Nothing Special" was a tough nut to crack. Not only did you have to complete a campaign, you had to do it with out any of the survivors taking damage from the special infected, including the common zombies that come when a boomer pukes on you. Everyone who worked on getting this one has a horror story of how they got grabbed by a smoker or hit by a tank's boulder as they were escaping the final level.

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