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8 Life Lessons Videogames Can Teach Us

Ron Whitaker | 14 Oct 2015 15:00
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Despite what many people will tell you, there's more to video games than just a diversion. Gaming may be a recreational pastime, but just like other hobbies, it can teach you a number of useful life lessons. Here are eight extremely useful life lessons we've learned from playing games over the years.

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The things that you find now will come in handy later

In almost every game, we find things that we have to save for later. Whether it's a key to open a door later, a powerful potion that gets us through a boss fight, or just a cryptic hint that lets us progress, games are constantly giving us things that are later useful. The same is true of life. The work ethic you learn at your first job will serve you for your whole career, and the values your parents taught you will be of constant use in how you live your life.

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