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8 of the Most Gruesome Videogame Death Scenes

Ron Whitaker | 15 Oct 2015 15:00
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If you've played videogames for any length of time, you've seen your share of on-screen death. Some of them are as tame as Mario falling off the screen, but sometimes death scenes can be pretty brutal. That's the case for the entries on today's list. These eight titles feature some of the most gruesome death scenes you'll see in gaming. Obviously, the entries might be a little disturbing.

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Dishonored - Devoured by rats

If everyone had to make a list of terrible ways to die, I imagine that "devoured by rats" might appear on many of them. If you spend your points correctly, you get the ability to summon swarms of rats that feast upon your enemies. Not only do they remove them as a threat, they eat them until there's nothing left. Even the bones! You have to wonder where they put it all.

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