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8 Games with Awesome First Levels

Ron Whitaker | 16 Oct 2015 15:00
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We've all played those games that "start out slow." You can't seem to get into it, but everyone keeps telling you that it "gets better." On the other hand, there are those games that just nail the opening level and hook you straight away. Our community chose these eight games as perfect examples of getting the first level exactly right.

Thanks to Escapist community member Barbas for starting the thread!

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Devil May Cry 3
First mentioned by bliebblob

Devil May Cry 3 is all about dropping you into the thick of things right of the gate. After watching the opening cutscene, you're dropped into a room with your weapons and a slew of enemies already posed in the positions you saw them in when the cutscene ended. Don't hesitate, or you'll find yourself losing heath quickly. Hope you're ready for it.

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