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8 Videogame Sequels that Surpass the Original Game

Ron Whitaker | 19 Oct 2015 16:00
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Sequels exist for only one reason: To give gamers more of a series they like. Usually they include most all of the features of the original, with a few tweaks or additions to make them stand out from the previous title. Unfortunately, this often means the sequels are either similar enough to not distinguish themselves, or too far removed from the original to capture the same magic. These eight sequels not only avoided those pitfalls, they surpassed their forebears completely.

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Batman: Arkham City

After Arkham Asylum took the world by storm, it was hard to imagine how Rocksteady could top it with a sequel. The developer apparently had more imagination than I did (there's a shock), because they went out and did just that. Batman had more gadgets, more abilities, and a gigantic open world to glide around in. It also offered up even more of the combat that was so great in the first game.

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