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8 Shooters with Great Stories

Ron Whitaker | 22 Oct 2015 15:00
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When you think of shooters, you usually think of shooting. After all, it's what they're about. While most shooter titles focus on action and shooting, some of them also manage to tell a compelling story as well. Not every game has a great story (and some eschew story altogether), but these eight games definitely had some of the best plots we've seen from shooters.

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The first Bioshock game remains the strongest in terms of story. The underwater city of Rapture pulled you into a world torn apart by the conflict between Andrew Ryan and Frank Fontaine. As Jack, you end up caught in the middle of these two powerful figures, pulled back and forth by their machinations. The morality system was fairly new at that time, and the effect it had on the ending was pronounced. Although the series' twists have become predictable, the first game is still a perfect example of great storytelling in a shooter.

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