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8 Awesome Unreal Engine Games that Aren't Shooters

Ron Whitaker | 27 Oct 2015 15:00
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When you hear someone talk about the Unreal Engine, you immediately think about shooters. But although it has been used for a ton of those games, there are also a lot of games on the engine from other genres. We don't always talk about the engine that is behind the games we love, so we thought we'd find some Unreal-driven games that aren't shooters, like these eight.

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Outlast (Unreal 3)

An atmospheric horror game from developer Red Barrels, Outlast burst onto the scene in 2013.It captured the attention of genre fans mostly for what it didn't do - namely, it didn't give you weapons to fight back and it didn't add a lot of UI elements. It relied on its atmosphere to create tension and horror, and it was largely successful. Dropping players into a darkened asylum with only a camcorder for light turned out to be pretty terrifying.

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