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8 of the Weirdest Moments in the Metal Gear Solid Series

Ron Whitaker | 11 Nov 2015 15:00
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If you had to pick out the gaming franchise with the weirdest moments in it, I have to think that many of you would choose the Metal Gear Solid series. How weird is it? So weird that Snake being a clone that ages so rapidly that he looks like your grandfather is considered run-of-the-mill. Nanomachines? They're everywhere. Plot twists, strange occurrences, and weirdness are par for the course in the MGS games, and these eight examples make that abundantly clear.

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Codec Interference - Metal Gear Solid 2

When you get close to the end of Metal Gear Solid 2 in Arsenal Gear, Raiden's codec frequencies go kind of berserk. Calls from Colonel Campbell go completely off the deep end, with the Colonel complaining about alimony, talking about encountering a UFO, and even quoting lines from previous Metal Gear Solid games. There's also interference, garbled images, and more. It gets really strange.

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