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8 Great Co-op Games on the PC

Ron Whitaker | 12 Nov 2015 15:00
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Video games are a lot of fun, but co-op games let you enjoy that fun with a friend (or friends). Although shared-screen co-op on PC is rare, there are plenty of great games that you bring a friend along through a LAN or internet connection. These eight games are some of the most fun PC co-op titles you'll find (and yes, we intentionally left out some of the biggest ones - you already know those).

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Orcs Must Die! 2

Co-op tower defense is rarely as much fun as Orcs Must Die! 2 makes it. It's a great singleplayer experience, but when you add a friend, it gets better. Each of you will be able to purchase your own inventory of traps, so you can complement each other with your choices. The game doesn't let you relax, though. Enemies attack from multiple directions, and you'll have to depend on your friend to watch your back if you want to survive.

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