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8 of the Best Games on PC in 2015

Ron Whitaker | 23 Nov 2015 17:30
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2015 was a great year to be a PC gamer. Not only did the platform continue its growth in both technology and power, it also brought the release of some great games. Not all of them were PC exclusives, but every game on this list was a highlight for those of us who play on the PC. If you're one of us, make sure you gave these eight games a try this year.

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Tales from the Borderlands

Surprisingly, TellTale's take on the Borderlands universe has been somewhat divisive. For my part, I've found the tale of the two new characters to be a strong one. The story has been great, the action sequences have been solid, and most importantly, it's managed to feel like Borderlands. While it might not offer up the completely over-the-top humor and wackiness of the original games, what it does do is tell a great story and still get laughs, even without much Claptrap at all.

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