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8 PS2 Games You'll Want to Play When PS4 Gets Backwards Compatibility

Ron Whitaker | 24 Nov 2015 16:45
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Sony is apparently working on PS2 emulation for the PS4. This is great news, and it got us thinking: What games would we love to go back and play? While I doubt they'll let you play your old discs, these eight games are still well-worth your time to check out.

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Widely considered the most ambitious and unique Capcom game ever produced, Okami uses Japanese myths and legends to tell the tale of the land being saved by Amaterasu, the Shinto sun goddess. In the form of a white wolf, you (as Amaterasu) explore the world, solving puzzles, completing side quests, and using the game's Celestial Brush to both aid in combat and in exploration. Both its varied gameplay and unique art style make it a worthwhile title to have on your list.

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