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8 Games that Earned Cult Classic Status

Ron Whitaker | 1 Dec 2015 16:00
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Sometimes good games can fly under the critical radar, or not get the sales they hope for. Whether they're overshadowed by another game, or they're just a bit out of the ideal time frame. These games often end up with smaller, but extremely dedicated followings that are more than happy to advocate for them at any opportunity. There are plenty of games that became cult classics, but these eight immediately jumped to mind.

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Zone of the Enders

Most people immediately think of Metal Gear Solid when you mention Hideo Kojima, but some gamers just wish for another Zone of the Enders game. The game offered a bit more serious take on the mech-combat genre. You'll travel around a space colony orbiting Jupiter to take out the rogue Orbital Frames that are attacking it. The combat and camera work are excellent, but Z.O.E. is often criticized for it short length and lack of difficulty. Still, it's one of the best mech games you'll play.

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