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8 Great Action Films from the 1980s

Ron Whitaker | 8 Dec 2015 15:00
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Action movies have been around for a long time, but if any one decade was the "action movie decade," it was the 1980s. Huge stars were introduced, genres were born, and everyone picked up a lot of great one-liners. There were a ton of great action movies in the 80s, which made it hard to pare down a list like this, but what we ended up with was a pretty solid list of movies that are still worth watching today.

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While the first Alien movie was a suspenseful horror film, the sequel moved itself more into the action genre. Sure, there was still plenty of tension and some horror elements as well, but the main film is all about the battle for survival being waged by Ripley and the Marines. It's got the requisite one-liners (thanks, Bill Paxton), the awesome weaponry (hello, Pulse Rifles), and even a nuke going off at the end. It's glorious.

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