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8 Great Videogame Intro Sequences

Ron Whitaker | 11 Dec 2015 15:00
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Your first hands-on interaction with a new game is the opening cutscene or gameplay sequence. Sometimes it's full of action, and sometimes it's an emotional appeal. Whatever device the developer uses, a great intro grabs your attention and pulls you into the game. Our community picked these eight opening sequences as some of the best they've seen.

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Many thanks to BloatedGuppy for starting the thread!

Deus Ex
First mentioned by Pyrian

Despite the dated graphics and voice acting that is somewhat wooden by today's standards, the intro to Deus Ex is pretty much pitch perfect. It lays out the intrigue, the factions, and the conflicts going on in the world. Once you take control, you're infiltrating Liberty Island and learning how the game controls and plays. It's a great setup for a great game.

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