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8 Videogame Reboots that Left Fans Disappointed

Ron Whitaker | 16 Dec 2015 16:00
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Reboots have been a fairly common sight of late. That's no surprise, especially since we're in the early years of a new console generation. Whether that's a good or bad thing depends on on your take. Reboots have always been a hit or miss proposition, with some of them emerging as faithful exemplars of what made a series great, and others falling pretty flat. Today, we're examining the latter type. These eight reboots just didn't make the grade.

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Turok (2008)

The Turok series was one of the best on the Nintendo 64. No big surprise, considering that everyone loves taking on dinosaurs. The PlayStation 2/Xbox/Gamecube version was a letdown, and the series went away for a while. In 2008, Propaganda Games made a reboot for the PC/PS3/360 that tried to resurrect the franchise, and failed miserably. It changed Turok from a Native American warrior to a generic muscle-bound guy, as well as adding poor AI and a terrible story. Instead of resurrecting the series, it pretty much killed it off.

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