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8 Games to Liven Up Your New Year's Party

Ron Whitaker | 29 Dec 2015 15:00
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Picking out the right video games for your New Year's Eve party can be tricky. After all, there will be drinking, yelling, and plenty of rivalries developing, and you want to support that behavior as much as possible, right? These eight games allow you to compete against your friends, or just sit back and enjoy watching the show.

All of us here at The Escapist wish you all a Happy New Year!

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You Don't Know Jack

No matter which version of You Don't Know Jack you break out, the long-running quiz game is always worth the time. Filled with irreverent humor and a wide variety of questions, all the games in the series share a few common features. There's always a wise-cracking announcer, a number of repeating categories, and plenty of questions that cover almost any topic you can think of. Winning the game is as much about screwing your friends over as it is knowing the answers, and the games are always a great time.

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