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8 Dungeons & Dragons Monsters You Don't Want to Meet

Ron Whitaker | 11 Jan 2016 17:00
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The history of Dungeons & Dragons is filled with fantastic monsters. Although there are many challenging foes, there are some among this varied bestiary that stand out. Maybe they're impossible to defeat, they're super annoying somehow, or they're just straight up bad news. Whatever the reason, these eight monsters are not a welcome sight to players who encounter them.

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Gelatinous Cube

Basically a large, cube-shaped ooze that measures roughly 10 feet on a side, the Gelatinous Cube doesn't sound all that threatening. But when you realize that it can simply engulf its opponents, paralyzing them and literally eating them alive, you begin to understand why adventurers are wary of it. Add in the fact that it's transparent, which makes it hard to see, and you've got one dangerous beastie on your hands.

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