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8 High Fantasy Movies to Put You in the Mood for D&D

Ron Whitaker | 12 Jan 2016 15:00
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There's nothing quite like a great high fantasy movie if you're trying to get yourself in the mood for some tabletop D&D. Although the genre has definitely had its share of bad movies - both high-profile and not - there are some films that are definite standouts. These eight movies never fail to get our roleplaying juices flowing.

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When a thief named Gaston (Matthew Broderick) escapes from the dungeons, he seems doomed until he is befriended by Captain Navarre (Rutger Hauer), a knight with a hawk companion. He soon learns that the Captain is cursed to turn into a wolf at night, and the hawk is actually the Lady Isabeau (Michelle Pfeiffer), whose curse turns her into a hawk every day. The unlikely comrades team up to take on the evil Bishop (John Wood) and break the spell that curses them. It features great sword fighting, a perilous quest, and compelling characters.

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