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8 Memorable Moments from the History of World of Warcraft

Ron Whitaker | 14 Jan 2016 15:15
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World of Warcraft is over 11 years old now, but there are still millions of people exploring its world. If you've been around since the game launched in 2004, you're seen a number of great moments. Some of them were world events, some of them were individual events, and some of them were players just messing with the game. No matter why the moments were great, they all played a part in making WoW the huge success it became.

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Going through the Dark Portal to Outland

If you were around when The Burning Crusade expansion launched, you know how amazing it was the first time you walked through the Dark Portal to Outland. Although the world of vanilla WoW was filled with a variety of places to visit, nothing prepared us for what Outland would look like. Otherwordly vistas, forests of giant mushrooms, and even a zone filled with islands floating in the sky were all on tap, and it was mind-blowing.

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