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8 Hearthstone Cards That Were Nerfed Into The Ground

Steven Bogos | 1 Feb 2016 15:00
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Hearthstone, like its physical card game counterparts Magic The Gathering and Pokemon, occasionally runs into balance issues. A card that when used in a certain way with a specific combination of other cards becomes so powerful it breaks the game. In the real world, these cards usually end up on the ban list, but in Hearthstone's case, it's possible to "nerf" the card with an update just like any other video game. Sometimes, though, they go a bit too far. Here are the biggest nerfs in Hearthstone's history.

Edwin VanCleef

Edwin VanCleef was initially a very popular card for combo rogues back in the game's beta. When first released, it was only a 1/1 but it had stealth, meaning it was quite easy for rogues to bide their time, and then build up an unstoppable monster VanCleef by playing him in combination with a lot of cheap spells. The nerfhammer hit this card by removing its stealth, and gave us an almost slap-in-the-face compensation by buffing its base stats to 2/2. The loss of stealth made the card vulnerable to many of the game's hard removal cards, such as Big Game Hunter, Hex, Polymorph, and Siphon Soul. It's now only really played as an arena curiosity.

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