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8 Hearthstone Cards That Won't Annoy us in Standard

Steven Bogos | 5 Feb 2016 15:00
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Blizzard really shook the foundations of Hearthstone this week by announcing new "standard" and "wild" formats of play, and decreeing standard to be the official tournament format. Standard format restricts players into making decks out of cards that were released in the last two years (plus cards from the basic and classic sets), while wild allows players to use any cards from Hearthstone history. This means that in standard, some of the most annoying cards in the game are getting the chop. Here are the 8 most annoying Hearthstone cards we won't have to deal with in standard format anymore.

Piloted Shredder


Piloted Shredder is annoying because it eliminates choice. There are a lot of good 4-drops in the game, but Piloted Shredder is just hands-down the best one, meaning this guy got shoved into pretty much every deck under the sun. Combine that with the RNG factor, which led to things like a Doomsayer clearing your board, or a Millhouse Manastorm with no downside, made it one heck of a frustrating card that we'll be glad to see the back of.

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