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8 Pokemon Inspired by Real World Mythology

Liz Finnegan | 19 Feb 2016 15:00
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On February 27, 2016, Pokemon will celebrate its 20th birthday. Over the course of those twenty years, the game has grown to include 721 different designs. With so many different creatures, it's not surprising that the designers would look to real life things to help with inspiration. On occasion, the influence of these designs were quite obvious - Klefki is literally a keyring, while Vanillish is a big ol' ice cream cone. But other times, the creators got, well, creative, incorporating real life mythology into their designs. This gallery will look at 8 of the little Pocket Monsters who were inspired by real world mythology.


Froslass and Jynx

Ok, so I lied when I said there would be 8 - but a few of these are different iterations of the same myths, and it would be weird to only include one! Take Froslass and Jynx, for example. They have completely different appearances, but they're both thought to spawn from the myth of the Yuki-onna, a terrifying spirit that takes the form of a beautiful woman cloaked in white. The Yuki-onna uses ice and cold to target, trap, and kill with cold.

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