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8 of the Most Hateable Video Game Characters

Liz Finnegan | 4 Mar 2016 15:00
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Video games have, throughout their history, blessed gamers with some truly memorable, iconic characters. However, not all characters are created equal. Sure there are some we love, and others that we love to hate. But then there are those ones that we just hate. They're annoying, they show up at the worst times, and you want to punch them and often can't. They're worthless allies, annoying sidekicks, and unbeatable bosses. Today, we've compiled 8 of the worst offenders. Did we miss your most hated character? Sound off in the comments!


The Dog from Duck Hunt

It sucks to fail at a game. It's worse to fail repeatedly. But when man's best friend mocks your failure, and you can't even shoot it with your light gun, well that's just insult piled onto injury. That damned dog from Duck Hunt was arguably the worst offender as far as frustrating, annoying, and hateable video game characters go, and I would wager a guess that anyone who has played the game did attempt to assassinate him at least once. At least.

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