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8 Whispers of The Old Gods Cards We're Looking Forward to

Steven Bogos | 21 Mar 2016 15:00
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Last week, Blizzard revealed its upcoming Hearthstone expansion: Whispers of The Old Gods. What's particularly important about this expansion, is that when it launches in "late April/early May", it will bring with it the new Wild and Standard play formats, with the Standard format removing a significant amount of cards from play. The good news is that this opens up Whispers of The Old Gods to have some truly unique cards, that just wouldn't work in the old meta. While Blizzard hasn't revealed all of the cards from the set just yet, we already have a few favorites we are looking forward to.

Eater of Secrets

The Eater of Secrets doesn't just eat secrets, he drinks the Mysterious Challenger's tears. Standard format will see the removal of the only neutral anti-secret card: Kezan Mystic, so it seemed obvious Blizzard would give us a replacement. In true Blizzard style, they went all-out, giving us a card that can single handedly destroy what is currently one of the game's most popular deck archtypes: secret Paladin.

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