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8 Awesome Characters That Started as Sidekicks

Liz Finnegan | 25 Mar 2016 15:00
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Not all heroes are created, well, heroes. Some begin their journeys operating under the shadow cast by another hero or even villain - falling into the role of the "sidekick." It is a difficult role to shake - many have tried, and failed, to emerge as an individual hero after playing the party of the sidekick. Others, however, have morphed before our eyes, and with a brief makeover or some awesome new powers - or even after a tragedy that forced them to realize their full potential - they ended up being much greater than before. Without any further delay, here are 8 of the coolest characters that started their journeys as sidekicks.



Holy rusted metal, Batman! Dick Grayson, everyone's favorite sidekick, started out as the brightly-clothed, inexplicably chipper Robin. Soon enough, young Robin grew up, realized his clothes and name were stupid, and became the badass Nightwing.

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