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8 of the Funniest Mods for Skyrim

Jeff Mills | 26 Apr 2016 17:18
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Bethesda authored games, with their construction kits, allowed modders to create some of the most unique and, well, hilarious mods in any modern game. Here are eight of the funniest mods you can play in Skyrim.

Do you know of other silly or funny mods for Skyrim that didn't make the list? Let us know!

Katamari Dovahkiin
Author - Verteiron

While working on a new mod, user Verteiron discovered the effect this mod gives was found completely by accident. Serving no real purpose, casting the spell causes all NPCs to fly toward you at high speed, gathering in a ball Katamari style. Just remember that, along with any other mod, this mod can cause stability issues should you have it enabled for too long or gather too many characters and will cause a crash to desktop.

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