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8 Scary Games to Play Today

Jeff Mills | 13 May 2016 14:16
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Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! What better way to celebrate this occasion by looking at some of the scariest and/or creepiest games we could play.

Do you know of a game that you feel should make this list? Let us know!

Dead Space

When you think of scary video games, most will always list Dead Space as one of the games that creeped them out. The story takes place on the USG Ishimura, an enormous Planet-Cracker-class ship, and Aegis VII, the planet being cracked. The player controls Isaac Clarke, an engineer attached to a small maintenance crew responding to a distress signal from the Ishimura. The Ishimura is inhabited by creatures known as Necromorphs who've taken control of the ship and spread an infection among the crew. As you're not a soldier, you don't have your typical weapons, but engineering tools used in an unconventional way. If those don't work, you have your trusty fists and feet. It's a bloody fun game with emphasis on the blood.

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