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8 Fictional Universes that Deserve their Own Movie

Jeff Mills | 17 May 2016 15:06
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In just under a month away, Warcraft will be in the theaters. It's not the first video game movie, nor will it ever be the last. But, what makes this movie stand out is the amount of fans that devote time reading, playing and acting out the lore regarding this universe. Given the anticipation (and a lot of criticism) this movie is getting from both sides of the proverbial fence of fans, we wanted to take a look at some other fictional universes that we felt have the story behind them to make a great movie to watch.

I'm sure there are games we missed or favorites you felt deserved to be here. If that's the case, then please let us know!



Bioshock is a story of a man with a vision of making a new future outside of the judgement from the rest of the world. Creating the underwater city of Ratpure, people came to this area to escape the life of the world above. They came to avoid what is considered morally right and live their lives roughly by their own set of rules. But, of course, something went terribly wrong. As we venture through the ruined city, the story unravles about what happened to the citizens and what caused them to go utterly insane.

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